Lifestyle Holidays

While any holiday is a welcome respite from the usual routine, a vGen Lifestyle Holiday is in a league of its own!
Once a year, vGeneration hosts a Lifestyle Holiday for qualifying Members. These travelers enjoy an unforgettable time in a unique, desirable destination full of Instagram-worthy sights and experiences. It’s another way vGen can celebrate Future Makers for their achievements.
You deserve the best, including opportunities to schmooze with the CEO, Founders, corporate executives, and fellow community leaders.

our Lifestyle Holidays

October 10-15th, 2023 | Rome
Together with a companion of your choice, join us in Italy this autumn for an extraordinary adventure that promises more than just picturesque vistas and exclusive shopping opportunities.

August, 2019 | Phuket
Each year we take our high ranking Members to some of the most exciting and beautiful locations our world has to offer.

vGeneration hosts several different events during the year, bringing together and recognizing Community Members.
Each has a different focus and purpose, and all provide an unforgettable experience.