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Singapore 2024

vGeneration is kicking of the New Year in style by hosting the Prestige Club and Gran Gala in Singapore in January.
These luxurious events represent the pinnacle of vGen recognition.


Embrace the Future
The shift from Web 2.0 to Web3
Experience a seamless shift towards a decentralized and interconnected digital world where privacy is key.


United by Heartbeats
Empowered by Data
Harness the rhythm of your heartbeats to pioneer a new age of data mining, taking ownership, ensuring privacy, and reaping the rewards!


Web3 Marketplace
Partnership Excellence
Explore inPersona, the 1st dApp for heartbeat-driven crypto mining, alongside Helo’s award-winning wearables, both fortifying our decentralized digital health ecosystem.

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Introducing SocialFi
Redefining Digital Dynamics
Dive into the powerful fusion of social and finance, where rewards and collaboration are elevated for the next-generation – the vGeneration experience!

Discover more about us!

Find out how SocialFi works, how you can mine cryptocurrency with your heartbeat, and how wearable technology from Helo ties it all together in these three videos!

Web3 Marketplace


Just Wear It

Embark on a journey through our SocialFi Web3 Ecosystem and unlock the potential of community-driven financial empowerment and innovative digital solutions.

Join Fellow Future Makers

Experience the Unforgettable Fusion of Connection and Inspiration at vGeneration Events!


vGeneration Events
vGeneration hosts several different events during the year, bringing together and recognizing Community Members. Each has a different focus and purpose, and all provide an unforgettable experience.

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