Annual Special Awards

Get ready to celebrate excellence!

Worldwide Influencers' notable achievements will take center stage at the inaugural Grand Gala Event.

Winners across various categories will be chosen for their measurable achievements and impactful contributions. The awards will honor exceptional Influencers and communities making a global difference. At the Grand Gala, these outstanding Future Makers will be celebrated for their dedication, innovation, and role in driving positive change worldwide.

Youngest Emerging Influencer Award

Honoring the youngest Influencer making significant contributions to our community.

Digital Impact Award

Awarding the Influencer with the largest reach, highest engagement, and smart hashtag use, significantly boosting the online presence for vGeneration, Helo, inPersona, and Vyvo.

Social Advocator Award

Recognizes the Influencer dedicated to promoting vGeneration through regular sharing and engagement with its content on social media.

Connector Award

Celebrating the Influencer who has excelled in creating a vibrant network within the community.

VSC Top Mining Community Award

Awarded to the Influencer leading the most successful data mining operations.

VSC Top Staking Influencer Award

Honoring the Influencer who demonstrates commitment through the highest VSC staking activities.

Fastest Emerging Influencer Award

Recognizing the Influencer who has shown exceptional growth and impact in a short period.

Mentor of the Year Award

Celebrating an Influencer who provides exceptional guidance and mentorship.

NutraLife Community Growth Award

Awarded to an Influencer who has expanded the community around NutraLife AI.

Global Community Influencer Award

Honoring an Influencer whose influence transcends borders, building an international community.

Community Growth Award

Acknowledging the Influencer who has significantly expanded the vGeneration community.

Top Country Achievement Award

Recognizing a country with significant growth in membership and contribution to the community.